Kosher Food Banned From British Parliament


The British Parliament has imposed a “de facto ban” on kosher and halal meat in its cafeterias and restaurants, Britain’s Jewish Chronicle (JC) reported.

The ban came to light after senior parliamentary assistant Jay Stoll inquired about providing kosher food in Parliament’s nine restaurants and canteens. He was told that menus are governed by humanitarian guidelines which exceed government standards as they were formulated by animals’ rights groups that oppose non-stun slaughter.

The catering service explained further that it could not “adopt adequate segregation techniques” between regular and kosher/halal food. Even kosher sandwiches could not be sold, the service said, because “the provision of kosher products when weighed against demand is not viable in terms of costs, logistics and supplier management.”

“It is not for Parliament’s caterers to make this type of decision when there is an ample body of scientific evidence that supports shechitah and it is widely recognized as a humane method of slaughter,” said Jonathan Arkush, president of the Jewish Board of Deputies.


  1. Is the British parliament catering any simchos for klal yisroel? Somewhere in the article it says there is not much demand for kosher products. Are there any kosher observant members of parliament? Who would buy these products?


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