Kretchnifer Rebbe Hurt in Car Accident in Yerushalayim (Photos)


Four people have been injured this evening in a motor vehicle accident that occurred a short time ago in Ramot, Yerushalayim.

One of the wounded passengers is the Kretchnifer Rebbe of Kiryat Gat, who was riding in his car with his gabbai. The Rebbe was lightly injured.

Another person was seriously wounded and two others have been lightly hurt.

Rescue teams were called to the scene to treat the wounded. The Rebbe was taken to the hospital.

The circumstances and nature of the accident are being investigated.


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{ Israel News Bureau}


    • I’m not sure that #7 is as emotive as #8. Now there’s photograph for the ages. One is left without words. Excellent, in-depth, hard-hitting journalism. Kudos to all.

      • HA HA HA HA HA. Zeyer gut gezuckt.

        I think looks ridiculous posting millions of pictures of every single event that happens anywhere in the world. Enough with these immature pictures already. What, you are acting like a bunch of seminary girls.


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