Lakewood Board of Ed. Transportation Dept. Open Today to Ensure Bussing is Arranged for All Children


school-busIn light of the recent unfortunate school closings, many children have been forced to change schools with little or no ad¬vance warning. One of the outcomes of these events has been that bussing for the children in their new schools has not yet been arranged for many students.

To alleviate this problem, the Transportation Dept. Of the Lakewood Board of Education, led by Mr. Bill Coyle and Ms. Patti Burnell, have been working non-stop to arrange the new bussing schedule for every student in time for Monday, the first day of bussing.

To accommodate the large number of parents still needing to resolve their bussing schedules, they have decided to open their office today with a full staff of workers. The office, located next to Chemed at 1771 Madison Ave, will be open today, from 8am-2pm. Any parent who still needs a B-6T bus pass for private school transportation may come in to complete an application. Anyone filling out an application for a new Primary student should bring along the student’s birth certificate.

{ Newscenter}


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    No tuition
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