Lakewood: Isaac Akerman Reelected


In Lakewood, NJ, yesterday’s election resulted in the reelection of Deputy Mayor Isaac Akerman.

Akerman garnered 11,515 votes, or 76.14%, while his Democrat opponent, Mordechai Gross, got 3,578 votes, or 23.66%.

In the Board of Ed election, the winners were Barry A. Ian who got 7,267 votes, or 28.63%, Moshe S. Newhouse with 7,646 votes, or 30.12%, and Yitzchok Zlatkin with 6,458 votes, or 25.44%.

Dovid Egert got 3,757 votes, or 14.80%. Moshe Raitzik got 5,827 write-in votes. Kuperwasser received 5,033 votes.

For the House of Representatives, Chris Smith got 12,024 votes, or 76.68%, while Democrat Lorna Phillipson got 3,458 votes, or 22.05%.

The Lakewood Question on the BOE Tax received 1,620 (9.26%) votes for yes and 15,871 votes, or 90.74%, for no.

In the presidential race, Trump got 11,556 votes, or 69.37%, while Clinton for 4,601 votes, or 27.62%.


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