Lapid: Busses On Shabbos Are a Must

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yair-lapid“We need public transportation on Shabbat in secular neighborhoods and in secular cities,” Finance Minister Yair Lapid said this evening during a live chat on Facebook. However, he said, more time was needed to sense the changes regarding this issue and economic issues.

“I think there should be public transportation on Shabbat. I said this during my (election) campaign and I’m saying it again – not in religious areas, but in secular neighborhoods and secular cities – because this issue is not related to religion and state; it is a simple social matter,” the Yesh Atid chairman wrote on Facebook.

“There is no reason that a grandfather who has money is able to take a taxi to visit his grandchildren while a grandfather who does not have money cannot because there is no bus to take him to his grandchildren,” Lapid said. “Everything cannot happen in three months. We will fight for this cause; there will be wars we will win and wars that we won’t (win), but we’ll have to wait until we win.”

According to Lapid, the Israeli economy is transitioning from a culture of stipends to a culture of work. “If you work and do not earn (money) then you should be offered help; if you do not work because you don’t feel like it, we should make certain that Israeli society tells you: Not in our house. It is not decent and it is not fair. The working man is at the center of the financial plan,” he said.

Lapid also spoke about the plan for the equal share of the burden within Israeli society and referred to the Peri Committee’s recommendations as “nothing short of a social revolution,” adding that the “terrible harassment of charedi soldiers is occurring because the ultra-Orthodox also realized this is a social revolution. I am interested in creating a social revolution that results in actual equal distribution of the burden. It’s happening, and it’s significant and important. In 10 years (people) will look back in disbelief.”

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  1. One cannot help but wonder what is with Mr, Lapid. Certainly he was influenced by his late father. And in all candor to the deeply secular there are inequities and need for the social revolution.
    On the other hand what about Defense Minister Yalon initial disgust at the prospect of pulling yeshiva bachurim from the beit medrash to prison in the name of a Jewish state.
    What is Mr. Lapid thinking? To he so committed to social justice at the cost of the state’s Jewish character just does not make sense. If anything now is the time to show who the haridim are at their core and who Mr. Lapid is as far as values and purposeful living.

  2. Its quite shocking that this is a minister in a netanyahu government speaking this garbadge this ounds moe like meretz party his example of a grandfather having to drive in a taxi to see his grandchildren on shabbos is so ridiculous I have a perfect solution let him go before shabbos and stay overfor shabbos have all the meals and go to shul with his family this lapid is something else

  3. At first I was upset. But, maybe it causes people to resent the frum if there are no busses. There is a law against chametz on Pesach, and it is sold openly. No law clutching abris, and 90+% boys have a bris. Maybe that is the way?

  4. Nobody want to draft the yeshiva buchriem they are already complain there are to many Orthodox Jews in the army (remember the kol isha incident)

    the real goal is chillul shabbos, civil and toevah “marriages, and reform geyrus!

    They hope that we’ll compromise the Torah on those very important issues to protect the Yeshiva Buchriem from joining the army!

  5. We have to do Teshuva, for what is happening, is a reflection of our behavior. But yet, it is the beginning of the end. Mark my words. I have said some radical things in my years, and they all came true. The State of Israel is on a decline. It had it’s mission from Hashem. We should be grateful of what the State has done as far as the Great infrastructure. But it wasn’t for the secular, godless Israelis. It was those Jews who are deserving to be in Eretz Yisroel and to be a TRUE Light upon the Nations. It goes hand in Hand. We must do better. As far as the State, its days are numbered. This is in no way to be taken as a negative remark. This is the way of the World. One rises, one falls. This intense desire, to turn Israel, into another Goyish State, will not succeed. LETS DUE OUR JOB.

  6. This is what happens when you choose not to vote, you shoot yourself in the leg and wind up with someone like Lapid. VOTE and you will have a voice in who represents your interests!

  7. Once ,twice three times and still claiming he doesn’t hate charidem I never heard one other thing out of his mouth besides for the word ”CHARIEDEM”.


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