Lapid: Chareidim Will Soon Be Able To Enter Workforce Without Fear Of IDF Service

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idf-soldierAbout 20,000 chareidim will receive notices in the coming months that they are free to leave their institutions of Torah learning and enter the workforce without having to worry about serving in the army, Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid wrote in a message to his supporters today. Read more here.

{ Israel}


  1. There is a new ministry in the Government of Israel that has been kept secret. It is visible to all yet secret. And Mr. Lapid has received the new ministry. Lapid is not the Minister of Finance. He is the Minister of Hareidim.

  2. ok
    20,000 people will be ‘allowed’ to enter the work force without being ‘forced’ to enter the army [after a certain period of time until we change our mind]

  3. #1 Most do want to join the workforce after spending a few years in kollel like is the practice in US, but the govt. will not allow this unless they go to army which they use to do their social engineering which we will obviously never agree to. Disband the draft and you will have tens of thousands going out to work.

  4. Very nice. I hope that they don`t mind if some chevra make out nicely for themselves. My guess is that they feel chareidim can only provide low level jobs and thus the economic pyramid is E”Y will not collapse. My hope is that they are matzliach beyond belief !

  5. Since Lapid is OK with voiding all previous government commitments to chareidim, he won’t be too shy to void his own commitments when the time is ripe. Who is left in the government that one would buy a used car from?

  6. We all know that the Zionist Israeli army does not want or need the yeshiva boys in any way shape or form. It is the secular government that is just looking for a way to destroy the entire Torah community i.e. by cutting funding that feeds the Frum families who are learning Hashems Torah with Mesirus Nefesh for the sake of Hahsem.

    They won’t even consider drafting any of the Arabs or even cut off their funding, but will starve Jewish Frum babies

    We are now seeing the hatred that the secular zionist have towards authentic Judaism, that the Chazon Ish, Brisker Rav ans Satmar Rav told us about
    Let’s ALL together be Mispalel Vechol Haminim Keregah Yoiveidu.



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