Lapid Says Netanyahu Turning Israel Into Iran By Agreeing To Gender Segregation

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MK Yair Lapid on Tuesday slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after it was revealed that he had agreed during failed coalition talks last month to a charedi demand to allow for gender segregation in public spaces, saying he was turning Israel into Iran.

A draft of Likud’s agreement with Yahadut HaTorah, which was leaked Monday to the Kan public broadcaster, stated that “within 90 days the government will amend the law in such a way that it will be permissible to provide public services, public study sessions and public events in which men and women are separated. This separation will not constitute discrimination according to the law.”

Lapid, the number two in the Blue and White party and a long-time campaigner against religious coercion in Israel, said Netanyahu’s willingness to agree to such a condition was incomprehensible.

“The fact that Bibi surrendered to the demands of United Torah Judaism to introduce a law on segregating men and women in public spaces is nothing short of madness,” Lapid tweeted. “The man who has been speaking out against Iran for 20 years now wants to import it.

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