Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Had Recent Large Gambling Transactions


Stephen Paddock, the gunman behind the Las Vegas massacre, made several large gambling transactions in recent weeks, according to law enforcement officials.

The transactions in Las Vegas by Stephen Paddock were in the tens of thousands, the officials said.

It was not immediately clear if those transactions were losses or wins. Read more here.



  1. Zalman can you cool it already stop focusing on how people spell Las Vegas. Focus on the recovery for the victims. Besides it’s Las not Los.

  2. Gambling addictions are a huge problem in the USA and we can hope more attention is sadly a concern for our communities to discuss.

    No Torah soul will gain Torah if he wants a gamble for his vote or his voice. We do not learn Torah with our tzitzis hanging down in a casino gambling hall.

    Life and human hope are concerning today. There are more casinos in more states than any time since I was young and it was only in Jersey and Vegas.

    Our families are at constant threat as our young want nothing other than the glamor of this heartless callous experience. I am working myself to raise the casino gambling limit to age 24. I hope more will agree this is a problem we can control and make more a pace for the safety of our future communities.

    Might be a smart move.


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