Late IDF Officer Filed Complaint Against Killers Two Weeks Prior To His Death

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idfTwo suspects in the brutal murder of retired Israel Defense Forces Colonel Sraya Ofer had roused the victim’s suspicions two weeks earlier when they arrived outside his home in the Jordan Valley — an incident Ofer reported to the police, Channel 2 reported Friday.

Ofer was murdered with an axe and metal pipes outside his home by two Palestinian men from Hebron, who have since confessed to the crime. The two were arrested by security forces and the Shin Bet security agency only hours after the Oct. 10 incident. It is now clear that the suspects were identified after the investigations officer in the Samaria region of the Judea and Samaria district police found in Ofer’s cell phone a call made to the police two weeks prior to his death. Ofer had reported that two men stopped by his home asking for water for the radiator in their car, which had stalled on the road. The pair had apparently told Ofer that they were headed northward, but when he saw they had instead turned to the south, he became suspicious and gave their licence plate number to the police.

Police and a detective arrived on the scene, but their search found no break-in, nothing stolen, and determined that the licence plate belonged to an Israeli Arab in the north of Israel. The complaint file was closed as no suspicious or illegal activity was detected. It is now clear to investigators that the two men in the car outside Ofer’s house were his murderers. The motive for the crime is still unknown, but there is increasing suspicion that it began as a criminal plot and ended as a nationalistic crime with Ofer’s murder.

The Judea and Samaria district police have said the murder was not preventable. Judea and Samaria Police Commander Maj. Gen. Kobi Cohen said that “all required measures were taken, and because there was no illegal activity [at the time], no further action could have been taken.”

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  1. the murder was not nationalistic it was terroristic you re also falling for the deceptive semantics used by the anti israel to downplay the severity of the terroristic murder


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