Latest Court Decision Unfavorable for Pollard

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Judge Katherine B. Forrest of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled yesterday that, in an ongoing legal battle regarding Jonathan Pollard’s stringent parole rules, the government may give the court a secret, ex-parte filing that Pollard’s defense are not allowed to see. The Pollard attorneys will only receive a summary of what the papers contain.

In layman’s terms, the decision dictates that the government will be able to maintain Pollard’s exceedingly strict parole conditions – including a 7-7 curfew each night, the wearing of a GPS device and more – without having to explain to Pollard’s attorneys why.

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  1. hillary is walking around free and pollard and rubaskin are still in prison. yes, the treatment of pollard is keeping almost as confined as he was in prison


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