Layoffs Avoided: Agreement Reached Between Lakewood Township Officials and Employees


menashe-millerLakewood, NJ – Lakewood Township officials announced today that they have reached an amicable agreement with all six of the bargaining unions that represent the majority of the Township employees. Deputy Mayor Steven Langert expressed the sentiments of the Township Committee by saying, “We thank the employees for working together with the Township to cut costs.”

At issue was the change in health insurance plans. The Township currently provides six different health care plans through its carrier Central Jersey Health Insurance Fund. Changing to only one, uniform health care benefit package will result in a significant savings of an estimated $700,000 to $800,000 for the Township and ultimately the taxpayers.

Deputy Mayor Langert says, “I realize that Township employees are concerned about the health care coverage for themselves and their families. Overall, this health care plan is comparable to what they have now.” The savings will be realized from a combination of the consolidation of the health care plan and the change in benefits.

“Although some of the employees have time left on their contract and did not have to make any changes to it right now,” said Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein, “they agreed to work closely with us to help improve this situation because they realize the taxpayers are carrying a huge financial burden.” 

{ Newscenter Lakewood News Desk} 


  1. Very nice! Lakewood has the largest new construction adding to the tax base than any other town in NJ. Lakewood has the largest portion of that tax base not even utilizing those taxes because they don send their children to the public schools. Lakewood has the second largest industrial park in the state and the Blue Claws stadium, which should contribute financially. Logically, Lakewood should have an abundance of monies in comparison to it’s neighbors. BUT, Lakewood has no problem offering free social services, routine medical care, housing, schooling, etc, to illegal Mexicans, but they want to create a stumbling block for the American worker by giving them a hard time over health insurance?? That is not right!


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