Less Than 3,000 Signatures Needed for Petition for Refael Elisha ben Devorah

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rafael-elisha-cohenOnly 2,800 signatures are needed to possibly save a young boy’s life. If our community takes a few minutes to help, we can reach the 100,000 signature mark in 10 minutes.

Please see below and read the urgent plea from this boy’s parents:

Our  six-year-old son, Refael Elisha, was diagnosed with a rare malignant brain tumor. There is a medication which may save his life, as well as that of two other children, but the FDA has not made it available yet. If we  can obtain 100,000 signatures, the FDA will have to address this pressing issue.

We are asking the FDA to grant us a compassionate use of an experimental medication that may have the potential to save the life of our 6-year old and two other kids with rare brain cancer.  We strongly believe that we can accomplish this. I am asking you to please sign the petition and forward this to your friends and ask them to sign. It takes only few minutes!

Please help us help Rafael Elisha and other children get this medication.

Thank you in advance.

Yaakov & Devorah Cohen
Houston, TX

Please sign the petition HERE.

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  1. I signed and encourage everyone to sign. I wish someone suggested the family to direct a similar petition to the FDA, though. President Obama might respond with his best wishes but will have to reply that he has no power to pressure FDA, an autonomous organization with its own management and decision makers. FDA is the sole body which has the authority of granting a compassionate or research exemption within the USA.

  2. To #1, I also signed and I also sadly agree with your fear of how the White House will respond, just as the President has responded to both of the other petitions I signed…one for Yanky Ostreicher and the other for looking into the violations of due process for Shalom M Rubashkin. Aside from your suggestion for a petition directly to the FDA, I wish and hope that contact has been made by/ with some person or organization that has the clout to intervene and at least meet with the appropriate people at FDA or who knows how to apply (if there is such a process) for compassionate permission…RCCS?

  3. As of the last time I checked, they now only need a little over 1,000 signatures more to complete the petition. Urge whomever you know to sign, if they haven’t yet done so.
    They are almost at the required 100,000 signatures.

  4. Steps: to “sign” the petition

    1: Click the link above

    2: Click the blue button labeled “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”

    3: Fill in your email address , name and zip. and submit by clicking the “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” button

    You will be emailed a link to confirm your account.
    4: Open the email and click the link to confirm

    You will be returned to the website.

    5: Click blue button labeled “SIGN THIS PETITION”



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