Let the Learning Continue: Masmidei HaSiyum Extends Their Hasmada Program

Agudath Israel’s Masmidei HaSiyum is proud to announce an extension to their special Hasmadah program.  Over the last turbulent months, our masmidim have managed to rise above the current crisis by learning over 400,000 minutes of Gemara, Mishnayos and Chumash. Invigorated by this feedback, Masmidei has added an additional phase to their programming with even more tickets and prizes.
The final phase of Masmidei HaSiyum will be taking place through Shavuos. This extended program includes a one of a kind Kabalas HaTorah special in which all learning earns double the amount of tickets and 3 grand prize winners every week. To top it all off, the program will end with a major grand finale. The clock is ticking, Shavuos is only two weeks away, start logging in your learning today.
For questions regarding this program email us at office@masmideihasiyum.org. To register your Yeshiva for this exciting program, email us at register@masmideihasiyum.org or call 347.201.0270


  1. Not accurate reporting!
    It is Chasdei Lev together with Masmidei HaSiyum. The initiative was Chasdei Lev. Us Rebbis got our initial email from Chasdei Lev! But hey who cares! It helps the kids learn better! And in Himmel they know who gets the schaar.


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