Letter: Kiryas Joel Responds to Dr. Zev Zelenko

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    • they were finally put on the map for something good they accomplished and then comes their kavod issues again. Can’t they just live and peace with the people around them?

  1. I’m sorry to say but you are politically motived individuals and thats what made you publish a letter like this! Obviously all you people care about are yourselves. Nauseating!

  2. Wow! It’s really not nice to wash dirty laundry in public at a time that you are supposed to keep out of public spaces…

  3. I actually think that this community should be focusing on THANKING Dr. Zelenko for prescribing the anti-malaria medicine to so many at an early stage when the vast majority of doctors have NOT. Whether his sampling and numbers are right or wrong should not be the focus. He obviously CARES for the community and was being proactive in impressing the severity of the situation when it was crucial to. I believe that his efforts ultimately accomplished making the community take it more serious and thus saved countless lives. YOU SHOULD BE THANKING HIM – NOT BESMIRCHING HIM IN PUBLIC. THAT IS A REAL SHAME!

    • I have been following the Hydroxcloriquine therapy, not only from Dr Zelenko, but other professionals. I find it amazing that a well known Epidemiologist Dr. W Ian Lipkin had come down with Coronavirus and he used the HDQ drug. Hmm maybe Dr Zelenko is on to something..

    • Does his treatment really work? Can he document his claim of 100% successful cure? Maybe yes, but he must document it and have it verified not by you and me, but by qualified people.

  4. Throw it in the quarantined garbage pail.
    Nobody had the guts to sign their names..
    Waste of reading time, really.

  5. This is disgusting. Shaming a dedicated Dr. that serves you loyally and blame him for local antisemitism.
    The signatories know how disgusting this is that they don’t use their name and hide behind organizations.

  6. A very well-written but at the same time very dumb letter. All Dr. Zelensky is trying to do with his video is help people. He doesn’t make anyone look bad. Shame on this letter writer!

  7. He never said 90% but rather 60% Whoever wrote this letter is so blinded by hatred that the didn’t even know what he said. Any medical doctor knows 100x more about these subjects than whichever anonymous person put this out for reasons unknown. Do you think he is making up the stats? He is putting himself out there in an attempt to save lives. Didn’t we learn anything about treating people from the measles deal? I though mashiach was around the corner but now…

  8. so you think he is lying about not having sent ANYONE from KJ to the hospital! shame on you he is doing great things. so what if you say he exaggerated a litte with the infection numbers.

  9. Wow! Dr. Zelenko isn’t a infectious disease specialist or an epidemiologist, but the KJ Fire Leshers sit there studying viruses and trends….

  10. Some people always have to be politically correct. the dr is 100% right. hes trying to save lives. so what if his numbers are off. bottom line is he is saving lives shame on whoever wrote this letter. you owe dr zelenko an opology

  11. This was done by one or two in top without consulting with any of the organizations the same people who are trying to protect us from antisemitism they are constantly fighting with all theblocal using Hitler all the the time remember this was not done to protect us

  12. He didn’t say 90% infected. I think he says more like 60% which is around the same number the politicians are using.

    What a shame. The doctor finds a concoction that works to keep people OUT of hospitals and that’s getting people upset.

    Are they blaming the @#@@$- at Toyota on him?

  13. Not one name on the letter, however there is a letterhead with an address and a phone number it’s not anonymous. It’s not his medication Quinine it is a known medication there is just a dispute between doctors if it should be used or not. It is not okay for a dedicated doctor to make up numbers and exaggerate, which he definitely has. It is not okay for a doctor to Spread misinformation, no matter what his good intentions might be. We need level-headed people heading this fight not shrill zealots.

  14. You cowards !! Tell us who pushed this announcement. At least Dr. Zelenko has guts , right or not. Which lawyer wrote this for you ?

  15. Wonder why doctors across the country are prescribing this to their friends and families (who don’t have the virus) so they can have it if they need it, if it doesn’t work…….makes you think this part is all political. Kinda like someone doesn’t want an effective treatment found, doesn’t it?

  16. There is no record of an “Office of Emergency Management” for Kiryas Joel prior to this letter. Go ahead, google it. It does not exist. It was invented to post this letter, as far as anyone can tell.


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