Letter: Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim Instructs Talmidim Not to Participate in Giyus Protest Today

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mir yerushalayim


  1. Translation:
    “All the yeshiva bachurim and kollel men are called on not to participate in any events or protests that are not accepted and are not based on the advice of the Leading Elders of the generation (gedolai hador) and of the leading Rosh Hayeshivos. This is against the honor of the Torah, and there is no honor of shamayim in this. The yeshiva administration.”

  2. ROUGH TRANSLATION; to all who are part of the yeshiva and to the students of the yeshiva, do not participate in the demonstration and any activities related to it because it is not acceptable and it is against the wishes of the elders of of our generation and all roshei yeshiva. it is against the Torah and is not an honor to Heaven

  3. All students of the Talmudical academy of Mir are requested to refrain from attending the protest which isn’t accepted, and isn’t based on the great elders of the generation as well as the great deans of the Talmudical institutions. This degrades their honor.
    There is no honor to heaven in this protest!

  4. To answer comment #1: The Yerushalmi Party of Rav Aurbach is partnering with the Eida to demonstrate against drafting Yeshiva Bachurim into the army. Rav Chaim and Rav Shteinman are apposed to such demonstrations.

  5. “All students and Avreichim of the holy Yeshiva are given notice to not participate in any events or protests that are not acceptable nor consistent with the opinions of the sages of the generation and all the Roshei Yeshivos. These are against the honor of theirTorah, and there is no honor to Heaven whatsoever”


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