Lieberman: Israel Will Hit Tehran If Iran Attacks Tel Aviv


Israel would retaliate against any Iranian attack on Tel Aviv by striking Tehran, Israel’s defense minister said in remarks published on Thursday, as the arch-foes faced off over Syria.

“Israel doesn’t want war … but if Iran attacks Tel Aviv, we will hit Tehran,” Avigdor Lieberman told the Arabic-language, Saudi-owned news website Elaph, which is based in London.

“Every outpost in which we see Iran positioning militarily in Syria, we will destroy, and we will not allow this no matter what the price,” Lieberman told Elaph. Read more at REUTERS.




  1. Stupids. Just hit Teran first— why are you waiting to be hit first. Listen to me just give them the mama bomba and Ferteg shoin! I am not a genius but I may be regarding this geshsittra maysea


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