Lieberman: Our Party Is The Only Thing Stopping A Charedi Governement

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Yisrael Beytenu Chairman Avigdor Liberman asserted Tuesday that the next government would be a “charedi government” that would act for religious coercion.

“The current election campaign revolves around one issue: Will the rightist bloc become a charedi bloc, with Yisrael Beytenu outside the coalition, or will a national, right and liberal government be formed with Yisrael Beytenu?” Liberman said.

“The only one in a right-wing coalition that can stop this madness is Yisrael Beytenu. Only we can prevent a situation in which a right-wing government is being blackmailed by  charedim.”

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    • We support Lieberman. A strong leader is needed. A new direction is needed much so long does it do delay.

      • Liberman is a strong leader? are you kidding?

        He has been Foreign Minister, what has he achieved?
        He has been Defense Minister, what has he achieved then?
        He has been Transportation Minister, any positive account of then?

        Liberman is known for his irrational, stupid and self conflicting promises. Just to mention a few;
        He promised that if he will be the Minister of Defense, Henia ysh”v (Hamas leader) will be dead within 48 hours. Later, Liberman was Defense Minister for 2 years and 24 weeks. Guess what; Henia is still alive.
        Liberman is against enabling the establishment of a Palestinian State, but he wants Israeli Arabic cities to be disconnected from Israel – match it up.
        Before Liberman served as Minister of Defense, he said that Al’or Azaria (the soldier who killed a wounded terrorist) should be pardoned if found guilty. Eventually, when Liberman became Defense Minister, he called on the public to ‘respect’ the verdict.
        Liberman claims that the Haredim are planning to transform the country into a ‘Halachic State’ – he worked very hard together with the Haredim to guarantee the victory of his religious friend Moshe Leon (over a secular candidate) in the Jerusalem municipal elections. The Haredim supported Leon because of his commitment to a more Jewish Jerusalem. What was this if not another major step towards the so called ‘Halachic State’?

        Liberman has no ideology or reliability, he is a cold selfish manner-less politician who is totally driven after his quest for political survival and his personal jealousy.

  1. I hope this sonei Yisrael will lose badly in the next election and become a small footnote in Israel’s history.

    His blatant fear mongering and chutzpa are infuriating.

  2. When you come to shomayim, just say that you stopped the chareidim from passing the draft law and you will go straight to gan eden!
    יש קונה עולמו בשעה אחת

  3. “Lieberman: Our Party Is The Only Thing Stopping Any Government”

    Fixed that for you. You’re welcome.

  4. He should be shipped off to Madagascar with Lapid, Pelosi, and all the Democrats. They can start their own state there and run it however they want.

  5. This Russian drunk is delusional. This failed former defense minister is a complete imbecile. He’s a real nobody.


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