LISTEN: A Chaver Confesses to his Horrific Misconduct, delivered by Rav Gershon Ribner



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A chaver confesses to his horrific misconduct


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  1. This rav says that he is not qualified to help a boy in this situation. Before he publishes on what internet what his response would be to such a person, shouldn’t he ask a kiruv professional what the proper response should be?

  2. It’s a 6 minute audio bite, I think it’s very clear what he said. You explain that what’s being done is not ok and you solicit help from a kiruv activist.

  3. As stated, if he confided in you that he joined ISIS, would you also seek out a kiruv professional first? Or would you need to react accordingly first. All this was clarified in the presentation.

  4. He’s telling bochurim – young, yeshiva guys who he’s trying to keep pure – the proper immediate response, in his opinion that THEY should give, for their own spiritual well being, without getting involved in what should or shouldn’t be done to help the boy. While the ‘haceh es shinav’, telling him he’s a rasha, and being mocheh may not be a majority-held opinion (it’s definitely not how my rebbeim would react if a talmid had divulged such information, and it seems to go against the rambam’s description of how to give tochacha upon seeing someone sin – namely that one should say “I want you to go to olam haba…”, where he says explicitly that one should not insult him), he’s entitled to his approach. Also, telling his talmidim, who are probably not going to be in this situation in practice, that that’s how they should feel when someone who is a risk of being a bad influence approaches them….is not the same thing as describing how one should respond in practice to such people.

  5. When I was in yeshivah, one of my friends was nichshal in a very serious way. When our late Rosh Yeshiva ztz”l heard about it, he removed him from Shiur and from the dorm; he learned with him instead daily b’chavrusah and had him stay in his home; until he found him a suitable yeshiva to send him to 3 weeks later.
    He never “Hak’heh es shinav” or told him how he’s going to Gehinnom.
    I recently saw this friend at a chasunah in Lakewood. BH, he turned out to be a fine person.
    THAT is the correct approach. And if you don’t know how to do this, PLEASE send him to someone who does.


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