Listen: Another Shiur From R Heber On The Eclipse

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  1. What is the moon, just soil and rocks, or is it like the understanding of Chazal that the moon has its own light and gets extinguished and reNEWED every 29.5 days. See Rashi Rosh Hashanah 24a line 12 that at night the sun travels above the flat plate, aka sky, from west to the east. This is exactly as the Gemoroh says in Pesochim. So while the sun is hiding above the sky, the moon shines down onto us with its own light. Also see the Ibn Ezra in the Hakdomoh and in Parshas Bo, that the moon on Rosh Chodesh touches the sun and gets ignited and burns for 29.5 days and gets extinguished, but then touches the sun again and gets lighted up for the new upcoming Chodesh. Therefore the Gemoroh had to have a completely different understanding in the Eclipses, than todays scientists.


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