Listen: Music Psychologist Explains to Curtis and Kuby Why the Kars4Kids Jingle Works So Well

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Listen to Curtis and Kuby as they discuss the science of the so-called “earworms” – songs that we just can’t get out of our minds. What is the psychology behind commercials such as the popular Kars4Kids jingle that keeps us constantly singing these songs in our heads? Hear Dr. Kelly Jakubowski explain in depth how so many companies utilize this science for their marketing purposes.




  1. Productive advertising. PR well done. It’s catchy it’s cute sweet voices of children singing. How can you not,,,,,,?

  2. The PR here is this segment paid by Kars 4 Kids to bring in this doctor and Cuttis and Kuby to further promote their gig. This organization will stop at nothing to promote themselves.

      • Matzav which is owned by Oorah will not publish this but i will write anyways to answer Anonymous on top which is probably oorah themselves. So much of your profits go to advertising and shtick etc. to the point that you have destroyed all mosdos and tzdakos etc…you have conditioned the megushamdike american mentality to only give tzedoko if they get something in return not to mention the millions upon millions of dollars of maaser money that you have taken out of other mosdos for your work. Yeshivas are crushing under debt and you have taken all that money. Is klal yisrael getting their money’s worth with all the money that you have taken out of circulation….And what about nechomos yisroel who has tons of kids to put in school while you are sitting upon millions????

  3. to: HUH??? YOu can give your tzedaska money to any mosad you want. Oorah has not ” desrtoyed all mosdos and tzadoskos, etc.” How dare you!!??? Oorah has never taken any money from any other yeshiva. YOu write that NEchomos Yisroel has tons of kids put in school. Proof that Oorahis not taking any money out of other mosdos! YOu should be ashamed of yourself. No one is forcing anyone to give their money to Oorah. Kars 4 Kids is a money making arm to help fund Oorah. So??? What about any other business whose profits go to the owners? Is that also taking money away from Mosdos!! You are a terrible motzi shem ra on a wonderful organization.


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