Listen: Perspectives Regarding the Modern State of Israel

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Rabbi Y. Dov Krakowski


  1. So good to hear the perspective of the Gadol Hadot and Posek Hador. It is the history in it’s entirety, without anything missing.

  2. Rav Kook wanted shir hamaalos bshuva… to be the national anthem.

    interesting Hatikva has several paragraphs, the paragraphs that are not sung describe rebuilding the beis hamikdosh and bringing karbonos

  3. The issue of being against going to the army never had anything to do with pikuach nefesh. there was and is no question regarding the necessity of defending israel with an army. the reason yeshivos were against the army is because they simply weren’t zionist and they believed learning outweighed fighting for a secularist state.

  4. He did not make any point from Rav Belsky and gave no intelligent information at all about how we should interact together……….

  5. We could have “come back” without a independent state too.
    Possibly with somewhat less problems,arguably.

    • Good luck with a balteshuvah movement without the state of Israel! (which started to kick off in the 70s) pretending that the state of Israel didn’t foster a move to the the right in the Jewish community is ridicules. it made Jews proud of what a Jewish state could do. In contrast to the tragic outcome in Europe. tell me do you think for an instant that if the Jews in Lita where given guns and given the opportunity en-masse to train they would not have picked up arms against the Nazis?? people need to get over it already the state of Israel exists!!!!!!!!! do you wanna be like the Arabs who still cant come to terms mentally with the fact that the Zionists succeeded???

  6. For this we should celebrate the state on Yom Ha’atzmaut?!?1
    Supreme Court Issues Kosel Ultimatum
    May 3, 2017

  7. Feh!!! Using a godol hador as a false front to back a Zionist agenda! As many above mentioned not one point was from Rabbi Belsky ZTL.

    • And tell me do you think Zionism was considered evil in Lita???? so all those Zionist youth groups in lita were fake???
      Many litvaks in prewar Europe supported creating a state in Israel. but revisionism is strong in the current brainwashing curriculum.

      • In yeshivos
        Even the Hora was considered Chazer Treif.


        Most Eastern European yidden were Pacifistic.It saturated their being.
        They would have considered resorting to weapons, and all the more a uniform, as beneath and unbefitting them


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