Lithuania Rejects Request To Transfer The Vilna Gaon To Eretz Yisrael

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Lithuania has refused the Israeli government’s request to transfer the remains of the Vilna Gaon, after the issue was reportedly raised last week during the Lithuanian Prime Minister’s visit to Jerusalem.

Arnoldas Pikzirnis, the Lithuanian Prime Minister’s national security advisor, told AFP that the request to transfer the remains to Israel had been denied, because the “Vilna Gaon is an inseparable part of Lithuania’s Jewish community and Lithuania history.”

According to AFP, the issue of the transfer of the Rabbi’s remains was first raised last August, when Netanyahu visited the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. During his trip, Netanyahu, together with his wife Sara, also visited the grave of the sage.

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  1. Who in the world would even take a chance of messing and touching the Kadoshdika body of the Vilna Gaon. We’ve heard all kinds of scary stories of those who touched the kevorim of kedoshim of yesteryear and what happened to them.

    • Please do not refer to the anti-Semitic Lithuanians as Litvaks. In our culture Litvaks are the Charedi Jews who follow in the footsteps of the great Gedolim who led the pre war Lithuanian Yeshivas.

    • Wait, by “litvaks” do you mean Lithuanian goyim? Term “litvak” is usually used to refer to Jews from what is now Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, not Lithuanian goyim.

      • In Yiddish, Litvaks means Jews from historic Lithuania (and those who follow that derech).

        Non-Jewish Lithuanians are called Litviner.

        Since there are separate terms for the two groups, confusion as above can be avoided when they are used properly.

        Credit for that info: R. Heshy V.

  2. Who are these totally non religious Jews that eat chazer and don’t keep shabbos to decide to dig up the holy Goan?!! What a disgrace for even trying. This should be up to the gedolim. When they moved the Chida there were many miracles and was quite scary. I wouldn’t recommend anybody mess with goans body let alone totally non religious Jews that only are doing it for Jewish “culture”

  3. It’s a calculated move by Bibi. He wants Degel to be solidly in his camp, for the upcoming elections, and wishes to bribe the Yeshivaleit through this “frum” undertaking.

  4. In Feb. 2018 Caroline and I visited Vilnius, Lithuania and did some in depth research into the Vilna’s position on various subjects. We spent more than three hours at the Judaica Research Centre of the Martynas Mazvydas National Library’s Documentary Heritage Research Department. (Bibi and Sara followed our lead 5 months late > “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”.)

    From all my research in Vilnius, and before and after that about the Vilna, I have proof that the claim he was a Zionist is false. I can explain how I know this but not within the confines of this comments section. He also absolutely would have agreed that only Moshiach could decide about the management of the Temple Mount. The idea that the Dome and or Al Aqsa could be demolished BEFORE Moshiach’s arrival to build a “Third Temple” would have been anathema to him.

    Anyway, as I have been counselling since 2001, the correct philosophical position for the Holy Land/State of Israel/Palestine is best encapsulated by the Johnny Mercer Maxim.

    “You’ve got to accentuate positive, eliminate the negative, hold onto the affirmative and don’t mess with Mr.In-Between.”

    Thus the extreme ant-Zionist position and the extreme uber-Zionist positions are incorrect. The BDS movement is also wrong because the right, redemptive, healing economic, political and civil structure in the Holy Land Commonwealth/Confederation involves co-operation on many levels.

  5. I was thinking about moving my grandfather’s remains to Eretz Yisrael, but decided against it. He is the only one to have a grave. His daughter, and his wife, and my other two grandparents don’t have graves. Their ashes are lying on the ground in that accursed land. For better of for worse, he belongs there with the rest of his generation.

  6. They are proceeding there now in Vilnius (Vilna) with a plan to build a modern convention center on the grounds of the old Shnipishok Jewish cemetery, as Matzav has reported multiple times.

    That shows that their credentials when it comes to Jewish hallowed resting grounds are lacking.


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