LIVE: New York Governor Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing



  1. IS NOBODY WONDERING why politicians, police and the DS Health Dept suddenly are so involved this year in the flu (corona)? Does it make sense that President Trump mobilized millions of troops as well as the navy, called up an additional million reservists and had tanks rolling down the streets worldwide for the flu (corona)? If it’s a medical issue, shouldn’t we hear the medical situations from doctors, physicians, professors and hospitals globally besides from whistle-blowers (who are indeed saying the truth what’s really going on)?

    Answer: This coronavirus (the flu, as it used to be called) is not a medical virus as much as it is President Trump’s and the world leaders’ “draining of the swamp” who have been a plague on humanity for over 200 years. It is a “virus” to get rid of the “invisible enemy”, as Trump calls it, who are still roaming the streets knowing they’re being pursued and are out to retaliate. Thousands of these coronas have b”H been arrested, even though the media is keeping it quiet – for the moment to keep the calm. Which is why social distancing is SO important so that innocent people will not be in harms way. Their best false flags ch”v would be large groups. (Discussions of masks are only for show and tell.)

    Google D.U.M.Bs, for a start.

    • No my dear, you don’t have the right answer,
      They were called in to enforce guidelines, upon dop doctor’s recommendations,
      Whether the whole coronavirus is a hazard or not is a complete different story

      • Really? You believe millions of troops were called to enforce the guidelines and shoot the flu out of the people? Have you seen any in your area?

    • wow. I’m completely convinced. But I think you’re forgetting to mention that they’re all a puppet government for the Elders Of Zion.

  2. Workers have lost out on nearly $9,000 in income due to coronavirus lockdown (so far)
    Published: May 19, 2020 at 12:29 p.m. ET

  3. On Sunday, Alex Azar, the secretary of Health and Human Services, sat down for an interview with CNN.
    During this time, Azar fielded questions about states like Colorado and Georgia that have chosen to reopen in spite of left-wing fearmongering. The Health and Human Services secretary also admitted that there haven’t been spikes in cases before calling on additional measures for successful reopenings across America.
    According to Azar, “good surveillance,” coronavirus testing, and contact tracing are necessities as states reopen. He explained that such measures will enable state and local officials to track any movements of COVID-19 as communities begin getting back to business.

  4. There’s some encouraging news from a scientific study in South Korea. Researchers have found evidence that suggests people who test positive for the coronavirus after recovering from the disease probably can’t spread the infection.
    Bloomberg News reports the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied nearly 300 COVID-19 survivors who tested positive for the coronavirus after they had apparently gotten better. The researchers found that patients weren’t found to have spread any lingering infection, and samples collected from them couldn’t be grown in culture, which suggests the patients were shedding non-infectious particles.
    The findings are a good sign for places looking to open up as more patients recover from the disease. Health authorities in South Korea will no longer consider people infectious after they recover from the illness. To date, nearly 1.8 million people have been listed as recovered from the deadly virus by Johns Hopkins University’s global count


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