LIVE STREAM, 1:35 PM ET: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Press Conference

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Spokesman Sean Spicer fields questions on a range of issues confronting the Trump administration, including the fallout of its handling of an important executive order dealing with immigration and refugees.




  1. I assume these reporters at the briefing have “journalism” degrees. Do these degree programs teach a person to listen AND understand what is being said. Apparently Not. Time and time again we see how the reporters are incapable of understanding what has been said. I’ve noticed this same issue time after time, administration after administration. It reminds me of a local radio show where the two hosts were graduates in journalism. I emailed the one about a Palestinian state wanting to created and the issue was it being a contiguous state. He had NO understanding what that even was. And THESE were two who were “college educated”. It’s rather ironic that BEFORE there were journalism degrees, the reporters were much more intelligent.


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