Majority of Israelis to Fast On Yom Kippur

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daveningAt about 6 P.M. today silence will fall on Israel, as the Yom Kippur fast begins. Air traffic to and from Israel will halt from 1 P.M. today to about 9:30 P.M. tomorrow and the border crossings to Jordan and Gaza will close down.

Public opinion surveys over the past few years show most Jews in Israel observe Yom Kippur. A survey conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics found 26 percent of Israeli Jews who describe themselves as “secular” or “not religious” fast on Yom Kippur and 24 percent of them have attended prayers at a shul.

A number of organizations will be holding mass prayers, intended for people who do not frequent shuls synagogues on a regular basis, as part of a custom developed in the past years.

United Hatzalah of Israel, an independent non-profit fully volunteer Emergency Medical Services (EMS ) Organization, has asked shul managers to make sure a telephone is handy in case of emergency and that a rescue personnel member is close by or among the mispalelim.

Israel’s airspace will close to traffic at 1 P.M. today. Yom Kippur is the only day of the year in which air traffic to and from Israel halts completely. Ben Gurion Airport will reopen for international flights’ landings tomorrow at 9:30 P.M. and take offs at 10:30 P.M.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. bs”d

    may klal yisroel avert all stern decrees by observing yom kippur with all its ennuim. and may no one suffer from the extraordinary heat. amen.

  2. BS”D
    Discussion with Moishe’la (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
    Tishrei 9 ‘5774 (Sept 13 ’13)

    “Kapparos of ???”?”

    Tatti: Moishe’la you were so happy when you left to go to Kapparos this morning, and you were so happy when you came back, but then you laid down and started to cry. Why?

    Moishela: I saw the live chicken and saw the chicken after it was Shechted. I saw it laying in a pool of blood and I felt that this is a warning of all the violence that will be in the world this year. ???”? will bring the worst of the Rishus (evil) to the surface. I know that it is all for the good but still it is very frightening.

    It is just like the chicken after the Shechita. You see its lifeless body and its blood staining the ground. One’s heart goes out to the poor dead animal and you feel depressed. But that chicken was killed according to the laws of kashrus that were brought down and given to Am Yisrael at Har Sinai in our Holy Torah. It then becomes a nourishing meal for a Tzaddik who makes a Brocha on it to thank Hashem before and after he eats the chicken.

    Really that chicken that looked so gruesome just a short time before, that was killed in a seemingly harsh way, comes back to life with a Brocha and having the Zechus of being the food that sustains a Tzaddik or even a simple Jew. Such a chicken never really dies; it just takes on a new form. It changes its worldly disguise to a spiritual form.

    Now that I said all that, I can also say that when I was looking at the dead chicken I felt that ???”? will be a very difficult year.

    I plead with Am Yisroel please do Teshuva NOW! Throw away all your stupid toys, throw away your silly pass times. Live only to do your Creator’s will. Love your fellow Jew, and don’t wish him harm.

    All Yidden Frum, or not, that cause harm to their fellow Jews, that have jealousy and hatred in their hearts for their own kind, those Jews who participate in actually being Malshinim (informers to the authorities) or just physically getting pleasure from seeing fellow Jews hurt or dishonored, those Jews whoever they are, whether they are important people of the community or lesser people, they are not Jews. They are Erev Rav!

    So I beg all true Jews, Jews that can have love in their hearts for their fellow Jews, do Teshuva NOW! Discard all excess Gashmius, build a true Jewish home where the husband is an Oved Hashem and an Ohev Yisroel and a Baal Chessed and one that learns Torah, where the wife is a true Tzniusdik Eshes Chayil and the children are Temimusdik, sweet, Erlich, well behaved, and truly believing in Hashem. That is a true Jewish home, a true Bais Hamikdosh Mi’at.

    Come back Am Yisroel!

    When I looked at the dead-lifeless chicken I became very sad. But then I realized that the chicken gave its physical life in order to sustain the Tzaddik. The chicken still exsits but in a much higher form .And we human beings too will live on Be’ezeras Hashem. We won’t need to be Shechted if we are ready to sacrifice our whole selves to the will of HaKodosh Boruch Hu. This living Al Kidush Hashem, this changing of our physical form to a more spiritual one, will prove that our Neshomos are the Neshomos of the Jews that stood at Har Sinai. And those so-called Jews that do not do Teshuva in such a way, will be Shechted like the chickens, but not in Kedushah, and they will just disappear. Their carcasses will be thrown to the dogs and will be food for the Sitra Achra.

    Excuse my graphic descriptions but too few people are waking up. Maybe this will help some people do something right now to come back to the truth so their suffering will be much less in this coming year.

    ???”? will, Bezeras Hashem, bring the whole world through a most difficult time but will clearly reveal the road that will bring Be’ezras Hashem all Am YIsrael to the Geula Shelaimah.

  3. Who is this Moishe’le child often appearing as the Maggid of our times? Is he legit or is it his parent who is lecturing us?
    Just curious! He does speak well and his lecture is so predictable.


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