Man Dies After Falling Over Railing at Wrigley Field

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A baseball fan died Wednesday after he fell over the railing at Wrigley Field in Chicago while trying to exit the ballpark. The 42-year-old, who has not been identified, fell at about 11 p.m. Tuesday and hit his head. He was taken to a hospital and died the following afternoon from his injuries.

“The thoughts and prayers of our entire organization are with his family during this difficult time,” the Chicago Cubs said in a statement WednesdayRead more at ABC 7 CHICAGO.



  1. What an empty meaningless statement. “Thoughts & prayers”? Please explain? What does that mean, thought? The guy died, so now they’re all going to sit around in a circle and think? Think about what? About the dead man? His inheritance? Who’s getting his car?
    Prayers? What prayers? Do they know what praying means? What is verbiage of their prayers? Who are they praying to? Do these people ever “pray”?
    When you tell a grieving family that you’re in our “thoughts & prayers”, how does that comfort them?


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