Man Gives Away Entire $8 Billion Fortune

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A one-time billionaire has declared mission accomplished of going broke, giving away his entire $8 billion fortune.

Irish-American billionaire Chuck Feeney, 89 and in declining health, was the co-founder of retailer Duty Free Shoppers, but he has exhausted his fortune by making decades of secret donations under his foundation Atlantic Philanthropies.

It began in 1982 and ran out of money this week, per the report.

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  1. Money that you give to good causes is the money you take it with you forever

    Other million and billion billionaires should learn from him to give their money away to charity while they still have it

    It’s the best long-term investment that keeps your money secure and preserved forever

  2. Could be worse. He could have been a reform rabbi.

    When you think of the wills of how many served the sins that Hashem sees endure years of crowd and shame. You never give more than he sets. The iron will offers no fast.


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