Man Survives Being Swallowed By Hippo


hippoIn a gripping, almost-unbelievable account, business owner Paul Templer relives the day he was swallowed-and nearly killed-by a hippo in Africa. The accident occurred when Templer, then 27, rushed to help a client whose kayak had been overturned by the “two-ton bull.” As he reached the man’s boat, Templer says suddenly everything went black-leaving him completely unaware for minutes that he had been swallowed by a hippo.

After freeing one of his hands, and opening the hippo’s jaw, he was able to free himself. But the terror wasn’t over. The hippo then quickly began stabbing the two men with its massive tusks. Templer survived-barely-after enduring more than 40 deep puncture wounds all over his body. His colleague did not. Read more at The Guardian.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. there really is a different way to look at it.
    it always pays to look at everything in a different light. i mean my rebbi once told me that you should always be ‘dan l’kaf zchut’ and after all that’s happened you could tell that whoever is reading this, has nothing better to do with his time. but then again you could always say that maybe he just came home from a long days work, and i’m sure he learnt for an hour, and now he wants to know the “Matzav” and of course he doesn’t listen to the radio, or get the paper, and he wants to know what the hock is in a kosher way so he goes on the internet to
    and reads this boring comment. anyways A Gutte Voch!


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