Maran Rav Shach’s Car Up for Sale for 19,000 NIS

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rav-shachThe vehicle used to transport Maran Rav Elazar Menachem Man Shach zt”lrabbon shel kol bnei hagolah and yeshiva of Ponovezh Yeshiva, is up for sale, Israel has learned. A couple living in Hertzliya who own the car are selling it for 19,000 shekel.

The vehicle was used by Rav Shach’s driver, Reb Yechezkel Ischayek, to transport the gadol hador during the last decade. The 1991 Pontiac was first sold to the residents of Herzliya and is now being put up for sale again.

In describing the vehicle, the sellers state that the vehicle is in excellent condition and seats 7 passengers.

Observers have said that it is not for certain that the sellers will garner the high-asking price they are seeking.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. “How much is that (aprox), in US dollars?

    “wow. how can put in a bid?”

    Nos.1 and 2, if you have sufficient internet skills to have sent off your respective questions you can also use a search engine to find out the information have have demanded yourself.

    I purposely used the word “demanded”, because neither of you had the basic ??? ??? to use the little word “please”.

    Are you really sure that you are the right types to have the ???? to buy Maran Rav Shach’s automobile?

  2. To #5 astonished:
    Hey chill out, man. You’re looking for derech eretz on the internet? Since you’re such a grosser tzadik, maybe you can explain to the tzibbur what you’re doing here?!

  3. My humble opinion is that it will be much more
    of a Zechus for Moran H’Rav Shach Zt’vkl if we
    learnt his Seforim or any Torah Leiloie Nishmosoy,than to be driving around the car he
    was taken in.

  4. if the person who buys this is like the mesah with the man who owned R Yisorail Salanter’s hat who said wouldn’t trade the hat (despite it’s lousy condition) because he can’t speak Lashon Harah while wearing the hat of such a Tzadik. Then I would say me kiamcha Yisrail.

    but if CV this is like buying a celebrity’s car. I would say aicha heisa kizona.


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