March For Science Draws Thousands

People rally for federal support of science on the National Mall. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Astrid Riecken for The Washington Post.
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Earth Day has arrived, and so has the March for Science – a global event on six continents (and cheered on by scientists on a seventh, Antarctica). Thousands of people have gathered on grounds of the Washington Monument for a four-hour rally that will culminate in a march down Constitution Avenue to the foot of Capitol Hill.

“We are at a critical juncture. Science is under attack,” said Cara Santa Maria, a science communicator who is one of several emcees of the rally. “The very idea of evidence and logic and reason is being threatened by individuals and interests with the power to do real harm.

“We’re gathered here today to fight for science,” she went on as the crowd cheered.” We’re gathered to fight for education. To fight for knowledge. And to fight for Planet Earth.”


  1. There are numerous serious conflicts between our Mesorah (CHAZAL) and science. The best Sefer I have seen on this subject is “Torah, CHAZAL, and Science” (written in English) by HaRav Moshe Meiselman SHLIT”A (Doctor of Science, MIT), a leading expert in both worlds.

  2. The science march was not about science and the scientists and celebrities who participated in it do not represent real science. This was about politics and the anti Trump, leftist, Transgender,anti male, medical tyranny agenda. When you go online and see Senator Richard Pan from California surrounded and supported by a bunch of pink hatted feminist and alternative lifestyle pushing supporters it tells you all you need to know. Senator Richard Pan MD is behind the SB77 bill in California which took away the religious exemption from state mandated vaccination.Now if you want to send your child to school in California you can no longer opt out of vaccination. This means the government owns your body and your child’s body and you have no more freedom and liberty to decide what should or should not go into your or your child’s body. He passed that legislation despite knowing full well the details of William Thompson the CDC Whistleblower who revealed how the CDC lied and covered up the link betweeen Thimerisol, MMR and Autism. He is now pushing SB18 – the “childrens bill of rights” which will allow the state to enter your home for inspection, and even remove your children from your custody if they feel you are not living up to their definition of appropriate child care. So for example, if you are not providing proper emotional support to your 10 year old child that wants to be transgender and have their organs amputated, they could remove your child from you custody and provide that “treatment” against the will of the parent. California is the launching pad for this agenda for the rest of the country. They are also coming for the adults with mandatory/compulsory vaccines. There is a legislative push in 30 state legislatures to remove vaccine mandate exemptions. It it is being financed and pushed by the pharmaceutical industry. It has nothing to do with science except the science of maximizing the profits of the vaccine manufactures at the expense of children’s health. The science is very clear that the explosion of neurological and autoimmune disorders that began in 1989 is due to the increase in the vaccine schedule in the wake of the very corrupt 1986 vaccine injury act which removed product liability from vaccine manufacturers. It is not just Autism. It includes ADHD, Depression, SIDS,Transverse Myelitis, various mental and cognitive disorders, autoimmune diseases,peanut allergies,Juvenile Shingles, Sudden death,Seizure disorder,Narcolepsy etc. The same fake science which has been used to foist the vaccines on us, is identical with the climate change fake science. One big stinking heap of garbage and corruption.

    • You could have made a much better argument. Unfortunately, you chose the anti-vaxxer argument, which has been totally debunked. Then you went off on a hysterical conspiracy tangent (no, noone is going to enter your home to check on how you raise your children – not in California, or any other state).

      Like, Huh? said, remain calm. I would add: take your meds. Yes, the ones giant pharma (OMG!!) produce.


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