Marco Rubio: I Regret Attacking Trump (Video)

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Marco Rubio regrets his personal attacks on Donald Trump, the GOP candidate revealed during a Wednesday town-hall interview with MSNBC.

The Florida senator explained that his pre-Super Tuesday pivot to bashing the Republican frontrunner’s appearance, age, and poor spelling is “not something I’m entirely proud of.”

He added: “My kids were embarrassed by it, and if I had to do it again I wouldn’t.”


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  1. It’s probably too late to help Rubio, but it’s still gratifying that he apologized. I thought well of him and was very disappointed at his vulgar and unseemly comments.

  2. I give him respect for this. He is right that SOMEONE had to stand up to Trump and NOONE was really doing it bec they were afraid of getting punched back. His punching the bully back didn’t help him, but I believe it played a big roll in helping Cruz.

  3. Was disappointed in his language, even though he said that that’s what Donald does, still you don’t lower yourself to Donald’s lows.
    But I give him credit that he acknowledged his mistake.


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