Maryland Jewish Philanthropist Gives $18 Million for Lincoln Memorial

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Philanthropist David Rubenstein plans to give $18 million to refurbish the Lincoln Memorial, according to the National Park Service’s announcement.

Rubenstein has already given tens of millions towards the Washington Monument.

This money will specifically go towards the memorial’s roof, adding a second elevator and also a plan to add another 15,000 square feet of visitor space beneath the memorial where exhibits will go. Read more.



  1. Why wasn’t he enlightened to feel for a real tzedaka which would be a zechus for his neshama?
    ונתנו, reads forward and backwards because when you give tzedaka you get it back! Lincoln is dead and can’t return anything!
    But why oh why wasn’t he turned on to give real tzedaka? ?

  2. Some people think LINCOL was a yid. I google and find his sister was sarah, gevald the first yiddisher president, therefore the donation has a toeles 109%


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