Mason Rips Obama: ‘I Might Know A Lot About Pastrami, Too’

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masonClassic comedian Jackie Mason ripped President Obama’s reported remarks that he “probably knows about Judaism more than any other president, because he read about it.”

Obama reportedly made the statement in a meeting last week with about 20 conservative Jewish community leaders.

Mason, who bills himself as the “Ultimate Jew,” sounded off about Obama’s Judaism claim in an interview today on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio.

Stated Mason: “Let’s say I know more about murderers than anybody in the world. Does that make me sympathetic to murderers because I know more about them than anybody else?

“If you live in New York, you know more about muggers and killers and degenerates…,” Mason continued. “Does that mean that you are on their side just because you know about it?”

Mason asserted “What he knows about Judaism means nothing compared to what he feels about Judaism. That’s the question. I might know a lot about pastrami. That doesn’t mean that I have the right to neglect the fact that it’s bad for you.”

The funny man also took aim at Obama’s Christianity during the segment with Klein, speaking tongue-in-cheek: “And he also knows more about the Palestinians than the Jews. Because everybody knows he was raised as a Muslim and his conversion to Christianity was a very slow process. It was only when he started thinking about the political career he might have in America and he was thinking about his future that he became more and more of a Christian. As he found out a job was opening in Chicago, he became more of a Christian. And when a job was opening in the United States Senate, he became a complete Christian, and now he is the most devoted Christian of all time.”

The full interview, including Mason’s comments about Obama’s “evolving” positions on hot-button issues and boast of killing Osama bin Laden, can be heard below:

{World Net Daily/ Newscenter}


  1. And Jackie Mason, who knows so much about Judaism that a decent person can’t listen to one of his “comedy” acts without blushing and feeling nauseous, knows better?

    Let someone who has some credibility come to criticize – not this cown.

  2. to Oldtimer:
    Don’t worry–you don’t need that much credibility to be able to criticize the clown that is sitting the White House. Jackie Mason’s credentials are just fine.

  3. happens to be that jackie was a big lomdin in Yeshiva, I know that its easy to assume things without knowing. but always remember siyug lechuchma, shetika!!!!


    Did you comment about obama knowing more then any other president?

    Were jackie masons cooments off base or did you just want to show how little you know

  5. Jackie Mason, I was told, is a Talmid of Yeshivas Rabeinu Yaakov Yosef, when the Yeshiva was located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

  6. Jackie Mason, born Yaakov Maza, may be off the derech but to dismiss him as some ignorant clown when it comes to yiddishkeit is a mistake.

    His father was a rabbi and scholar of note who learned at Lakewood. Jackie and his two brothers all became orthodox rabbis (one brother, Bernard, learned at the feet of Reb Moshe Feinstein)

    I’m not saying he a tzaddik, but he DOES have some credibility… certainly more than anyone else speaking in the public arena about Judaism.

  7. He told me that he doesn’t believe in God. Also, he told me, “American Jews are afraid of Israeli because they are all cheaters.” He is a hypocrite.


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