Matzav Video: Yerushalmim Try to Diffuse Violent Taxi Scuffle Today

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{ Israel News Bureau/Video by CSM Vids for}


  1. Its hard to make out exactly what is going on. Why in the world did the guy in the car on the right, get back out, once he already sat down in his car? Who was the guy holding the stick? Was he the driver of the car on the left or was he a passenger? These needs more hasbara. Also, who was the lady talking initially to the driver as he was rummaging through his trunk?

  2. to #2 New York is better???? Let me just tell you I witness daily people losing their cool mainly because of the double parking. But what really gets me upset is how people jump to conclusions assuming the other driver is intentionally doing something wrong. A case in point, tonight a car was double parked, a city bus was going around him, the car in the opposite direction moved over to let the bus through but there was no room so now both the car and bus were stuck. All of a sudden someone comes over to the car which now looked like he was double parked and began yelling at him for double parking. This poor guy didn’t like being yelled at for nothing so he began yelling back. Just a typical day

  3. I used to live in the USA. I was once driving in NYC, and nearly got k***ed by another driver in a case of road rage. He got out out of his car, ripped open my car door…. With all the cultural differences, I still feel more at home here in Eretz Yisrael.

  4. Amazing! All the comments here miss the point! Yeah, Israelis are combative people… nu? Tell me something I didn’t know. The real point of this video is the kiddush HaShem you’re witnessing! These frum yidden (whom, we’re all told, despise and look down on seculars and don’t even consider them “real” Jews, right?) inserted themselves into a potentially violent confrontation, at possible risk to themselves, for the sake of peace between fellow yidden. THAT is the story!


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