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Today’s picture is as follows:


Leave your caption for this picture below.

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  1. This Sunday is called “Palm Sunday” as its visiting day across the sleepaway camps & the staff are waiting for you to pay them their salary. The camp owners refuse to pay their staff & they throw the burden/tax/penalty on the parents with this bogus claim of “Hakoras Hatov”! Now this is nonsense! Its the greedy camp owners Achrayus to take care of their employees. They overcharge the parents enough already. When you have several children in camps, paying all the “requested” tips, it comes out to a tremendous amount! Its time to stand up together and demand that the greedy camp administration pay their staff members adaquitly & have “visiting day” turn out to be a relaxed pleasant day. The woman in the picture is explaining to the camp director that exact sentiment.

  2. Women and men should only have limited dialogue between themselves. This picture looks like this is a real involved discussion.

  3. Hi, I enjoy good humor but I’m not quite sure if this new feature is being presented responsibly. Two people here are obviously in a uncomfortable discussion about something which they believe strongly in. Did you take into account the negative feelings they may have in light of any derogatory comments some ‘funny’ comments may likely create, and how it may embarrass them? Or do we simply throw people’s feelings into the dustbin?

  4. Someone with true yiras shamayim would not be happy with this picture even though clothing is not an issue here. I would suggest to leave pictures of women out of this caption corner. Let this site remain an oasis of decency.

  5. I think we should caption the people complaining about the post. I’ll start:

    “Someone with true yiras shamayim would not be happy with this picture even though clothing is not an issue here. I would suggest to leave pictures of women out of this caption corner. Let this site remain an oasis of decency.”

    Yeah! You can’t have decency with women around!

  6. She: “The credit for taking care of the issue goes to you! Thank you1”
    He: “Oh no. It was all your doing. I just gave a little push.”
    Husband thinking, “?? ???? ??????!”

  7. 7. Comment from Yossi

    You seem to indicate that if someone works harder (for you) or is being extra nice 9to you) he should get paid LESS – because “I have several children” that need attention.
    Do you tip if you go out to eat in a restaurant?
    If you do, do you still tip if you bring more people or “several children” along?
    Does the taxi driver get less tip if he has to ‘schlepp’ MORE luggage because your ” several children ” just came back from a trip somewhere?
    Tipping is the custom of the land PLUS Hakoras Hatov.
    The reason the camps “suggest” a tipping rate is: 1. Most People ( as in a mentch) want to know what is appropriate. 2. Some people won’t tip if not told that such is the custom.
    You also have a choice of opening your own camp – you’ll make lots of money since you claim the camps are overcharging and raking it in – and you’ll find out the hard way that camps are NOT raking it in.
    If you can’t afford the tip, you can’t afford the luggage expense either and you can’t afford the other ‘hidden’ expenses associated with
    sending children to camp.
    In other words: “you can’t afford camp”.

  8. …it’s a piskai tosfos in zevachim….what are you talking about, it’s a mefurisha ran in nedarim…. how then do you learn the tshuvas r akiva eiger? maskim, you are saying gut!!!!!!

  9. Lest it be said no one objected, I hereby protest and raise strong objection to the public publication of a photograph of a woman.

  10. I was wondering, if everyone is so frum that they cant Chas V’shalom see a picture of a women- a tznius one- then why are they even on the internet?
    get off the internet and look at a sefer

  11. Looks like a typical situation of a husband hiding behind his backbone(his wife), letting her do do the driving.

  12. I notice my (fantastic) comment was deleted. But I”ll be a sport & pick a winner anyway. It’s not easy, there were a lot of good ones.
    I liked Beit Shemesh. I think he really must be from Beit Shemesh Very authentic sounding.
    I really like MASHBAK. Very creative!
    Ditto for sal, funny!
    But hands down the Best: (Drumrolllll)-
    — yaak! Definitely got the biggest Laugh!!

  13. Matzav is the only site I am using for the news since it is fully kosher. I was therefore shocked and dismayed to see a picture of a woman. `

  14. Why don’t you read the other comments before posting what others posted. It really doesn’t make you sound intelligent!

  15. I’m shocked over the amount of immature people who fell for this new idea. Yes i comment to articles, but to intellectual ones. Grow up, life has more meaning.
    And by the way #’s 15, 23, 31 are correct.
    A Geder should never be broken no matter what.

  16. Matzav, I really think you know better than this. If you do have to introduce a weird idea in the name of being original at least choose your pictures carefully. This one has absolutely no class. And yes, leave women out of the picture and let your website remain an appropriate outlet for everybody.


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