Matzeivah Erected for Netanyahu Family Dog

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A matzeivah – or tombstone – has been erected at the grave of the Netanyahu family dog, Kaiya, which passed away on February 26th.

Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu described back then what led to Kaiya’s death. “Two months ago, Kaiya collapsed after a herniated disc in her neck paralyzed her,” Netanyahu wrote back in February. “She underwent two serious surgeries to try to get her back on her feet. After hydrotherapy treatments and oxygen therapy proved unsuccessful, two days ago all of us – my wife Sara, Yair, and Avner – came to say goodbye to her.”

Kaiya was adopted by the Netanyahu family as a rescue dog when she was ten years old.

“Kaiya was part of our family,” Netanyahu said. “How great is our grief at her leaving us. We will always remember her.”

Now Kaiya has a matzeivah, which states “Kaiya” in large Hebrew letters, followed by a picture of the dog. Below that, it says, “Kaiya – Haklba Ha’ahuvah Shelano” (Kaiya – Our Beloved Dog).

It then states “10-4-2005 – 2/26/201,” depicting the lifespan of the canine.

The matzeivah concludes, “Nizkor otanu tamid b’ahavah gedolah. Mishpachat Netanyahu” (We will remember you always with immense love. The Netanyahu Family.”

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  1. The dog (I won’t call her by her technical name…) “passed away”??? I just hope she wasn’t buried in the family section, but in the pet cemetery…that wasn’t mentioned.

  2. So for dogs to be buried in Israel there is space. But for human beings they are claiming there is shortage and need to be buried in layered graves

  3. אשת חיל מי ימצא ורחוק מפנינים מכרה

    רבות בנות עשו חיל ואת עלית

  4. For how many days/weeks did the Netanyahus “sit shiver” for their dog? After all she did have a funeral and even a “mateiver” was erected for her.

  5. יהי חלקה עם שאר הכלבים והכלבות הצדקניות שבעולם הנפשות


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