MDA Personnel Faced Opposition as They Tried to Transport Rav Rosenberger

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29301794_magendovidadomThe Beit Shemesh branch of the Eidah Hachreidis community suffered a serious blow on Yom Tov when their leader and rov, Yehoshua ben Hinda Leah Rosenberger, a member of the Badatz of the Eidah collapsed during hakafos. He had a serious stroke and was in critical condition for a while.

Rafi G of Life of Israel and chareidi media outlets report that the Magen Dovid Adom team came to resuscitate him and take him to the hospital for care, but some people surrounded the ambulance arguing about which hospital they would let MDA take him to for care. It seems that some were against his being treated at Hadassah, the preferred hospital of the MDA team, because of the recent tension surrounding the Meah Shearim mother.

Sanity prevailed when Rebbetzin Rosenberger asked MDA which hospital is best suited to treat the rov‘s problem. They said Hadassah and she then insisted that that is where he would be treated.

(Note that the Gaavad of the Eidah, Rav Yitzchok Tuviah Weiss had been treated at Hadassah just last week, as first reported here on

That was only the beginning, however. After that was worked out, the onlookers still fought with the ambulance team regarding who would accompany Rav Rosenberger to the hospital. MDA rules say that only one person, a family member, can accompany the ill person in the ambulance. An extra person jumped in and fought with the MDA driver. Eventually they got rid of him and continued on their way, after calling the police, and after the driver himself got injured.

{Rafi G.-Life in Israel/Yair Israel}



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