Media Malarky: Mocking a Giant

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Some people in the frum community were absolutely giddy over supposedly pro-frum editorials in the New York tabloids of late – even leading to the writing of letters thanking these newspapers for taking our side on the issues of metzitzah and modesty guidelines – their balloon was popped this week when the media revealed its true colors.

The New York Post ran an article following the passing of Harav Hagaon Ovadiah Yosef zt”l that was downright disgusting.

We expect those types of articles from anti-Semitic publications, not from a newspaper published in the Big Apple, which is home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities in the world.

But we now see that the seemingly “pro-Orthodox-Jewish” editorials on metzitzah and modesty were nothing more than opportunistic pieces that fit the agenda of the newspapers, rather than articles written out of pure conviction and a healthy moral compass.

As a Jew, I am appalled by the miscategorization and misrepresentation of the great gaon, Rav Ovadiah, and the mocking of one of the greatest Torah leaders of our time.

The NY Post should be ashamed of itself. I will no longer be patronizing that publication in any way, shape or form, not in print or online, and I will be encouraging others to follow suit pending an apology from its editorial board, who should know better than to speak of a holy man like they report about the immoral, substance-less human beings they call “celebrities.”

What a disgrace.


Y. P.

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  1. The NYP depends on advertising revenue from businesses ,many of which are owned by members of the Sephardic community.
    They should boycott this rag.

  2. We were not supposed to be patronizing the Post in the first place. It is full of shmutz & michsholos are inevitable……

  3. We need to call or Email them, they must understand that Jewish people can not take any insult to gedolim please provide us with a phone number and Email that we voice our disagreement to NY post.

  4. Yasher koach. The same way people boycotted the New York Times 10 years ago and cancelled their subscriptions (due to their anti-Israel bias), our community needs to make a statement about this as well. Hopefully none of us subscribe to the New York Post (toilet paper is cheaper and softer, and is not full of dvarim assurim), but a boycott or statement from an organization would be nice.

  5. Boycott their advertisers it’s the only tool. It brought down many bivwigs – it will do same here especially since printed news is in serious trouble as it is!

  6. I have to disagree.

    The NY Post article was unfortunate, but who can blame them? We cannot expect non Jews to respect Rav Ovadia for his Torah scholarship

  7. Sorry. The Post is not opportunistic, and no they are not jewish religion sympathizers. They simply are conservatives and have the belief that government should bud their business out of peoples lives and not become a nanny state.

    Why do the jews especially us frumma, have the necessity to be validated in our religious positions by having a newspaper say we are correct. Every jewish forum lauded the Post for the valiant stand. Its GORNISHT and was meant to be so. This is their stance about the MBP issue as well as the dress code issue in the Williamsburgh store.

    No, its not anti Semitism at all. Its simply them applying conservative principals.
    Do you for one minute think that Presidents Nixon or Reagan and Bush were Israeli sympathizers? They were conservatives who saw Israel as the only democracy that they could rely on for the American purposes. That is their sole responsibility.

  8. I think its a real pity on this letter writer as well as anyone else that reads that garbage. If he is so concerned about Kavod hatorah he wouldn’t be reading a paper full of pritzus. Shame on him!!!

  9. Who cares what this drag paper has to say? Any frum Jew should stay Daled Amos from this paper of Shmutz. Sadly, plenty of “frum” Jews read the paper, allow it in their homes and now they get offended that A Tzadik was insulted. Guess what, Hashem is offended every day when you read the shmutz. So if everyone were to stay away from it, it would be no story. Does anyone get offended what they read on White Supremacist web sites, of coarse not!!! Because none of us read any of it. Same too with the Post, if no frum Jew would be reading it we would not be bothered. But the problem is, plenty of yidden read it, advertise in it, so in my opinion its a message from Hashem.


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