Meretz MK Becomes Third-ever Israeli Arab To Join Knesset Security Panel


MK Esawi Frej of Meretz has a message as he officially joins the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee this week, becoming the third Israeli Arab ever to do so: He cares about security, too.

“We’re part of the Israeli public, and security is no less important to Arabs. We’re in the same country, and security is important to all of us,” Frej told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday.

Frej replaced Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On, after she resigned from the Knesset last month. He is only the third Israeli Arab to join the prestigious Knesset committee, after Hashem Mahameed of Hadash, who’s Muslim, and Salah Tarif of Labor, who’s Druse, both of whom became members of the panel in the 15th Knesset.

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  1. The State of Israel is so liberal and open minded, its brains fell out. Really? Arabs in the Security Cabinet? Why don’t you just put Abbas, YM”Sh, in the Knesset?

  2. I wonder if Hezbollah or Hamas have Jews in their security cabinet, well at least they don’t need to have spies to get info. Remember what Azmi Bishara did.


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