Mi K’Amcha Yisroel: MK Institutes Learning Chofetz Chaim Before Party Sessions To Prevent Lashon Hara

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 MK Rabbi Rafi Peretz, who is Chairman of Habayit Yehudi party, initiated a new policy for his party.
In order to strengthen themselves in the mitzvah of not speaking lashon hara, Peretz has instituted the limud of Chofetz Chayim which will take place at the beginning of every party meeting. The group will learn two rules of lashon hara every day before carrying on with official business.
Mi K’Amcha Yisroel
via Belaaz


    • seriously, how do you see negitive in such a beautiful thing?!!? why comment like that?? and is about shmiras halashon …maybe take a lesson for yourself

  1. i think its a great IDEA
    i just hope its not like them saying i want to learn Talmud Yerusalmi before they ever learn Talmud Bavli

  2. I don’t get the griping here. Even assuming this is nothing more than a political gimmick it’s wonderful that these are the gimmicks they feel they should use.

    Haleivi I lived in a world where you get clients (voters) by being frum and makpid on Semiras H’Loshon

    I await the day I’ll see the anti Zionists start their protests by learning Shemiras H’loshon and other seforim of the Chofetz Chaim first…

  3. All laws and governance of the, so called, Jewish state ought be determined by the shulchan Aruch. The single definition of Jewish is adherence to Torah law, and without that their is no Jewish identity. So to learn laws of proper speech meanwhile being part of a government which denies and disregards Torah, seems to me as a contradiction and a lack of consistency. I’m not saying it should be all or nothing— but introspection is called for.


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