Michelle Obama Votes Early

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obama3“Obama for America announced today that President Obama will vote early in Chicago on October 25th, and that First Lady Michelle Obama cast her Illinois absentee ballot by mail this morning. The President and First Lady are making history by voting early in person and by mail in order to promote the ease, convenience, and importance of voting,” according to the Obama campaign.

The Obama campaign is trying to encourage people to vote early. “With many states now offering voters the opportunity to vote early in person or by mail, the President and First Lady have been encouraging supporters to cast their ballots early, noting the added ease and convenience of voting ahead of Election Day.”


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  1. This is an election tactic of his. Since he knows he stands to lose in the coming debates, he wants to make sure of votes casted early.
    However, the truth is that probably most of these early votes are casted by people who will vote for Obama no matter what he says, like Michelle Obama. Thus, those who might still have doubts will not vote early, and will then vote Romney if Obama performs poorly.
    Therefore, he doesn’t really win by this policy.


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