Mike Huckabee Considering 2012 Bid


huckabeeFormer Arkansas governor and 2008 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is still mulling another run at the White House. In an interview with WHO radio in Des Moines, Iowa, Huckabee would not discount the┬ápossibility of another presidential run – but added he would need evidence of a clear path to victory before jumping into the GOP race.

“I’m not ruling it out. And that’s not a yes, but it’s definitely not a no,” Huckabee told WHO’s Steve Deace.

“The honest answer is: I’m keeping it open as an option, I’m looking at whether or not there’s a pathway to victory,” he added. “As I’ve told several people, I’m not jumping into a pool when there’s no water in it.”

Huckabee, currently a talk show host on Fox News, won the 2008 Iowa Republican caucus.




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