Minister Sa’ar: Prisoner Release Prevents Serious Diplomatic Crisis with the U.S.


saarIsraeli Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar says he supported the prisoner release at the cabinet meeting this week to prevent a serious diplomatic crisis with the U.S.

“If there is no majority for the proposal [in the cabinet], it doesn’t only mean that we refuse to release the prisoners. It means that we refuse to renew negotiations and that Israel will be blamed….Not only does it let the Palestinians get to work at the UN immediately, it could also absolve our relatively few friends in the international community who are still standing alongside us and casting a veto at the UN or blocking boycotts,” Sa’ar said.

“That doesn’t mean I think there’s a great chance to achieve a final-status agreement with the Palestinians…but we want to preserve Israeli’s international status and prevent it from suffering a diplomatic and economic blow.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. So sad! The White House freaked out when Zimmerman was acquitted of a crime yet they see no problem for killers of Yidden – some multiple homocides – to be free to walk around the streets in EY. Perhaps they ought be released into the streets of D.C.
    IT’S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS! They do anything to placate Arab killers!

  2. If refusal of the prisoner release would have caused diplomatic crisis with the US, they are not our friend, at least this President is not. Wake up Israel! They will not be a fair broker. They will twist your arm just to get a deal and since the Arabs don’t compromise, what do you think the “deal” will be?

  3. how foolish! the diplomatic crisis will come anyway, at some later point. this does not generate respect for israel. netanyahu should have declined and kept jewish pride strong.

  4. maybe Bibi is so compliant with the United States is that some of or much of the money sent to Israel from U.S. is ending up in his pocket. Torah says no foreign money no foreign leaders. With a muslim president U.S. is not your friend.


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