Mir Requests that Store Close Before 11 PM

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משגיח ישיבת מיר הרב אהרן חדש. צילום: שוקי לררThe largest yeshiva in the world is seeking to ensure that the atmosphere around the yeshiva remains one that is conducive for the spiritual growth of its talmidim. Yeshiva Mir Yerushalayim is seeking to ensure that stores in the yeshiva vicinity remain closed after 11 p.m., as they have been for years.

One particular store has been remaining open later. In response, the mashgiach of the yeshiva, Rav Aharon Chodosh, penned a letter to owner of the shop, asking him to close by that time or have the talmidim of the yeshiva stop patronizing the store.

The letter said, “As is well-known, your store is located in the heart of the yeshiva area, and your parnassah comes mostly from the talmidim.

“The problem is that for years, all the shops around the yeshiva have not been open after 11:00 at night, and,” the letter explains, keeping stores open later “affects the sleep of the talmidim of the yeshiva” and also impacts the ruchniyus of the talmidim.

Because the storeowner has not adhered to the accepted custom in the area, the letter says, the hanhalah has no choice but “to ban the yeshiva students from entering your shop, day or night.” He will also lose his kashrus supervision if he does not adhere to the rule.

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  1. It is a terrible chutzpa that the stores which move into the neighborhood only because of the Yeshiva don’t have the minimal respect for the yeshiva(besides the fact that the locals from the neighborhood don’t like it either).

    There is a DIFFERENT store in the neighborhood which is open all night, and has become a terrible hangout and attracts many unwanted into the neighborhood, and he has blatantly defied the yeshiva and Rabbonim

  2. I work in downtown (“merkaz ha’ihr”) Yeruhsalyim, and stay late evenings due to NY hours.
    When i head back home via Zichron Moshe, I see almost hordes of bochurim heading towards the Ben Yehuda area, most of them are speaking English.
    So closing a store in the close proximity of the yeshiva doesn’t really help, as all the trash is available nearby, rachmona litzlan


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