Miracle in Bnei Brak: Child Falls Four Floors, Lands on Mayor’s Car

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rechov-rambamA miracle took place at around noon today in Bnei Brak, as a 5-year-old child fell from a fourth floor balcony at 21 Rechov Rambam, landing on the car of the city’s mayor, Rabbi Yaakov Asher. Magan Dovid Adom personnel arrived within minutes and treated the child before taking him to Sheba Medical Center.

The medical personnel who responded to the call said that the child’s life was spared because he landed on the car and not on the hard concrete. The vehicle, as mentioned, belongs to none other than Bnei Brak Mayor.

Mayer Bernstein, the Mayor’s driver, related that no one was in the vehicle at the time of the incident. Mayer said that he had parked the car and went to get something from the Mayor’s home on Rechov Rambam. A short while later, he heard a loud noise coming from the area of the car. Mayer subsequently found the child, who was bleeding from his head.

“It was then┬áthat I realized that he had actually been playing on the porch and had fallen down,” said Mayer.

The child’s parents, reportedly, were not home at the time of the accident. It is not clear which adults may have been home at the time.

The vehicle, a Dodge, did not suffer serious damage, though it was dented a bit.

“The most important thing,” said Mayer, is that the child is alive.”

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. wow! Amazing there are still those that arent convinced that Yiddishkeit is “it”. The dent can serve as a reminder of the nes.

  2. excuse me thats not the way a yeid should respond makeing a coment about the father who was learning at the time!????!!!:)

  3. Where were the parents? It sounds like this child was unsupervised. There’s no excuse for that in the world I don’t care who you are. Don’t have them if you can’t keep them safe!

  4. They said it’s not clear which adults were home. No one said the father was learning- maybe he was working- is that better???
    Maybe his bubby was watching him. who says no one was home alone? It could happen very quickly.

    Why does everyone jump to conclusions? He was not a baby so he might have gone to the porch himself and fell through. there are so many ifs- it’s not our place to do the guessing

  5. Maybe you should write the whole story and let us know the true facts or dont write it at all
    . All it does is lead to loshon horoh as you see

  6. If the mayor is reading this, perhaps it’s time to make laws regarding seragim on higher floors. I’ve seen way too many apts. that are not safe!


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