Misaskim to Release Gates of Chesed Safety Magazine Next Week


misaskim-gates-of-chessed-safetyNo need for added stress this summer, Misaskim will see you safely through the summer months with its newly expanded 84-page Gates of Chesed Safety Magazine. The magazine is set to be released next week and will be distributed to 100,000 families in the tri-state area. The magazine can also be viewed online at www.misaskim.org.

Gates of Chesed is comprised of gentle reminders, useful tips, and pertinent information that can be instrumental in safeguarding your family’s wellbeing this summer season. In addition to exploring the factors that most commonly lead to motor vehicle accidents r”l, this issue of Gates of Chesed clarifies newly enacted laws and how abiding by them can prevent a summer trip from metamorphosing into a traumatic experience. While summer beckons us outdoors, Gates of Chesed firmly establishes a set of safety practices that will create a secure perimeter for your family without impeding the summer experiences that rejuvenate us all each year. You will meet highly-acclaimed safety experts who will share advice on how to safeguard our children and young adults. Various other issues that impact our communities each summer are also brought into focus as we invite you to partner with Misaskim in its prevention efforts.

This current issue of Gates of Chesed marks the tenth year that Misaskim has promoted summer safety.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Great magazine! Always very informative!
    They used to offer a service where one can fax or call in his or her NYS driver’s license number and they will check to see if there are any suspensions on it. I was once driving for several months and had NO IDEA that my license was suspended! (Not only cuz I’m young & stupid! LOL.)
    For example, if one fails to report an accident to DMV, even if the other side did, and even if there is a police report, the license become s suspended! If you drive for a period of time without insurance, even if you had it reinstated, the license may fall into “Suspended License” category! If you ever get stopped for any infraction, ie. seat belt, cell phone, speed etc. you WILL get arrested!
    This Misaskim, that’s the name of the umbrella organization, offered a service where they would check it out! It can NOT do it privately.


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