Mishna Berura Yomi: Invest 15 Minutes a Day to Become a Ben Olam Haba


mishnah-berurahThis Friday, Yud Tes Kislev, Nov. 26, the new five year cycle for learning Mishna Berura Yomi begins. Just as the learning of Daf Yomi connects Jews worldwide in a 7 ½ year cycle to complete Shas, the learning of Mishna Berura Yomi unites Jews across the globe, in a 5 year cycle to learn the Chofetz Chaim’s classic Halachic work, the Mishna Berura.

The Chicago Center for Torah & Chesed once again makes available a definitive way for you to learn Mishna Berura Yomi each day, free of charge.

– With the printed luach (daily learning calendar), you will be able to follow the daily seder.

Also available: a short audio file providing clarity and insight into the Amud HaYom with renowned Posek, Rav Yitzchak Berkovits , (which includes Halacha L’Maasah).

– The audio file and a daily pdf of the Amud HaYom can be emailed to you, providing an easy and engrossing way to learn Halacha at a time that accommodates your schedule.

… כל השונה הלכות בכל יום, מבטח לו שהוא בן עולם הבא….מגילה כ”ח 

Gain Halachic understanding… gain Torah growth…gain Olam HaBah.

Dedicate 15 minutes a day to learn Mishna Berura.   

This Friday, Yud Tes Kislev, Nov. 26, the new five year cycle for learning Mishna Berura Yomi begins. Will you begin with it?

To receive:

  1. The copy of the printed Luach booklet by mail (or by download)
  2. The daily audio file of HaRav Berkovits explaining the Amud HaYom
  3. The daily pdf of the Amud HaYom

 Call the Chicago Center at (773) 761-4005 or email us at mby@thechicagocenter.org.    You may also register at mishnaberurayomi.org.

The Mishna Berura Yomi program is sponsored l’illui nishmas R’ Aharon ben R’ Yaakov Meir z”l and Rivkah basR’ Shraga Patel a”h by their children, Dr.  & Mrs. Phillip Friedman; Dr. & Mrs. Michael Friedman; Mr. & Mrs. David Friedman.

This 5 year cycle is dedicated l’illui nishmas Emuna Shir bas Doniel Tzvi Halevi.

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