Local Organization Raises 200K to Assist Kallahs

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Getting married and hosting a wedding is an exciting and momentous event for anyone. While most families are able to find a way to manage the expenses of making a wedding, poor families our community often have no way to pull it together. An occasion that should be one of great happiness and excitement becomes marred by disappointment and anxiety over mounting bills.

Cookupawedding is a small Hachnassas Kallah fund that partners with suppliers to assist kallahs who can not afford the basics.

Over the last 5 years, we have raised funds primarily through the sales of our very unique cookbooks. This revenue stream helped us raise close to $200,000. Unfortunately, the need to is greater than our ability to help.

Over the last 2 weeks, we had to turn down 7 Kallahs due to lack of funds.

We are running a sheitel campaign and hope to raise a minimum of $15,000 so we can call back these kallahs and help many more!

Please join us in this amazing cause and know that your donation is making a HUGE difference.

Click the HERE to donate.




  1. I’ve personally been involved where Kallahs thought they were going to a sheitel macher like a regular customer without realizing that their mother had arranged it all with Cookupawedding behind the scenes. This organization gives in such a bekavodik manner it’s heartwarming!

    I’ve personally donated to this organization feeling really great that every penny goes straight to the cause. Everything is done on volunteer basis without any overhead.

    Tizku limitzvos!!


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