MK Eichler: Livni Lashed Out at Chareidim Because of Bad Polls


yisroel-eichlerMK Yisrael Eichler, Chairman of United Torah Judaism in the Knesset, lambasted Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni over the diatribe she directed Motzoei Shabbos at chareidi Jews and settlers in Judea and Samaria.

“The angry outburst by Kadima chairwoman Mrs. Livni, according to which chareidim get everything through blackmail and therefore do not take part in the social protest, stems from Kadima’s drastic downturn in the polls, with a loss of ten Knesset seats.”

“The protesters know that Kadima and Netanyahu both brought a capitalistic catastrophe upon both the middle class and the disadvantaged class. It is not for nothing that the protest movements despise Kadima as much as they despise the Likud. The public understands that the Sharon-Netanyahu-Olmert-Livni governments carried out the programs of the plutocrats. They bankrupted the masses for the tycoons who created cartels and destroyed competitiveness in the food and cellular markets and the entire Israeli economy.”

“Livni and her court journalists exhibit chutzpah,” he said, “in trying to turn the tide of the public protest against the chareidim and settlers. As of now, this despicable attempt has failed. Kadima and its advisors know that the loyal Jews are the first to be hurt by the decrees of the cruel capitalism, starting with the housing shortage and the employment problems.”

Eichler said Kadima and Likud have blocked both private and public workplaces before hareidim, and cut social services to religious Jews.

“The chareidim do not have the right to protest, either,” he added, “because they do not have civil rights in this country. The media demands that the police rough them up mercilessly in every protest, as has happened in nationalist and chareidi demonstrations to this day.”

Livni will be punished by her voters, he predicted. “She will never leave the post of Opposition Leader through incitement.”

{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. (i mean ) if someone doesn`t keep Torah we-mitzwot he should just go back to the country his parents came from. what shut avot if he doesn`t plan to obbey Hashem? now that we decided to opose Hashem and declare ourselves a country like one of the goym what do we pretend to do now ?
    livnei , netanyahu and however they are called they should leave


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