MK Orlev: Serving in IDF is a Mitzvah

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orlevIsraeli MK Zevulun Orlev said Thursday that it is a mitzvah to enlist in the IDF. His statement comes against a backdrop of tension between the secular left and the hareidi population, because of the leftists’ intention of forcing more chareidim to enlist to the IDF without making the IDF more hareidi-friendly.

Speaking at a study day for graduates of the pre-military academies, Orlev said: “As a person who observes the Torah and mitzvot, a graduate of a hesder yeshiva, I am riled by the use of the mitzvah of studying Torah as an excuse for dodging the mitzvah of serving in the IDF.”

“He who studies Torah and observes mitzvot should and must know, observe and carry out the select mitzvah of defending the existence of the Jewish state.”

“The most senior religious Zionist rabbis, who are important dayanim, heads of important yeshivot, rabbis of big cities, are the living proof that studying Torah and serving in the IDF are two intertwined mitzvot.”

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  1. that may be true to some extant but one thing we have to remember is that without anyone learning then we will all sieze to exist and there will be no need for the idf hatzlacha

  2. Is Orlev a candidate for the Chief Rabbinate?
    Does he have smicha?
    Or is this this the only mitzvah he cares about?

  3. I dont see why its not that pashut. fighting in the IDF is milchemes mitzvah as you are saving Jewish lives. “Ha’acheichim …lamilchomo, v’atem taishvu po?!”

  4. Chazal tell we have to do lots of things.

    For example, earning parnosso, as described in Pirkei Avos, Perek 2 Mishna 2, we have the statement:

    ย“Rabban Gamliel the son of Rabbi Yehuda the Prince said: Good is Torah study together with a worldly occupation, for the exertion in both makes one forget sin.ย”

  5. There is much chochomah to this daas.

    Reb Yakov Kaminetsky zt”l said the milchamas of survival began before 1948 and will continue to the heralding in of Mashiach.

  6. There are 613 categories of Mitzvahs, so exactly which one is it to serve in the IDF? Unfortunately, Mr. Orlev personifies all that is wrong with the Religious Zionist. He is “…riled by the use of the mitzvah of studying Torah as an excuse for dodging the mitzvah of serving in the IDF.ย” The learning of Torah for him is some minor form of entertainment not to be compared with the truly important action of participating in the Israeli cult of militarism.

  7. Wow! I thought there was only one Mitzvah in the entire Torah and that is Mitzvas Yishuv Eretz Yisroel. Now I’m learning that there’s a second mitzvah and that is to serve in the army. (Maybe it’s one Mitzvah that has two parts)

  8. How long will you try to lead people to idolatry? The great rabbis have already ruled it’s forbidden to join the Israeli army. They’ve already ruled it’s forbidden to enter the Knesset. Who are you to say otherwise

  9. Its always easy to just say there is another side, or it’s not so pushit. Sometimes things are either right or wrong and we have to have the sensibility to just say this is either right or wrong. Either we have an in tact moral compass or we don’t.


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